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The risk of cross-contamination is a growing concern for hospitals, surgery centers, and first responders. There is a heightened focus on infection control because the evolution of bacteria and viruses is changing significantly. The use and reprocessing of reusable medical devices present an enormous risk to both patients and healthcare facilities.

Studies have shown that reprocessing reusable laryngoscope blades and handles still present a risk of cross-contamination. Hospital acquired infections (HAI) can cost a facility nearly $40,000 per incident. In addition to HAI prevention, facilities are recognizing additional cost savings with using both disposable blades and handles. Reprocessing and repackaging costs are higher than single patient use blades and handles. SunOne System disposable laryngoscopes can help reduce the overall cost of an intubation procedure compared to procedures requiring the reprocessing of blades and handles.

As reprocessing protocols have grown more sophisticated, the cost of doing so has increased as well. Using batch sterilization, reusable blades and handles may cost an additional $17-$26 per intubation. Using SunOne System blades and handles can eliminate this added expense, saving facilities both money and time without compromising patient care.

All of the GreenLine/D blades and handles perform comparable to reusable laryngoscopes. First, GreenLine/D blades are constructed of surgical stainless steel and are Green System compatible. They provide LED illumination for exceptional viewing and a soft matte finish to enhance tissue visualization. All blades feature an extended safety heel that prevents blade-to-handle contact. GreenLine/D handles are fully contained units pre-installed with mercury-free batteries. Select handles feature a rubber surface to ensure a secure grip. It is important to note that reprocessing affects the light bundle over time, causing a reduction in the light quality. When using disposables you are using a new product each time with a bright light source that has not been affected by harsh cleaning and sterilization processes.

The number one benefit of individual packaging for blades and handles is reduced product waste. If a combined product pouch is opened, and the clinician discovers the blade is the wrong size for the intubation, a second package will be opened. As a result, two handles are exposed and one is ultimately wasted because it is not used. Additionally, since not all intubations and clinicians are the same, one size does not fit all. Being able to select the exact blade size and exact handle size for the intubation promotes better patient care rather than attempting to use a pre-combined handle and blade. On crash carts, individually packaged blades and handles allow for storing a variety of blade sizes and one of each of the handle sizes.

GreenLine/D Handles emit a cool, bright LED light, providing exceptional tissue visualization and differentiation.

All of the GreenLine/D LED handles in the SunOne program use an environmentally safe mercury-free battery. The handles are designed to emit consistent illumination for at least two hours.

GreenLine/D blades and handles are an environmentally smart choice compared to reusable laryngoscopes. Due to stringent reprocessing protocols, reusable laryngoscopes may require several chemical baths. The disposal of these chemicals into the environment is harmful, not to mention the packaging waste from the materials required for sterilization procedures. With the SunOne System, there are no chemicals baths or enzymatic solutions being used and discarded. GreenLine/D blades and handles can be recycled through the SunCycle Program by SunMed.

All GreenLine/D blades and textured grip handles are individually sterile packaged. Blades carry a 5-year sterile shelf life and handles are 2-years.

Absolutely. Through the pouch, you can depress the light fixture to confirm functionality.

All of the GreenLine/D blades and LED handles in the SunOne System are specifically designed as disposable products for single patient use.

Yes, all SunOne single use disposable blades and handles are on the Vizient MS-5172 and Premier PP-OR-1424 contracts. For contract inquiries and pricing, please call SunMed at 1-800-433-2797.