sun one system

Go Green & Recycle Disposable Laryngoscopes

Product Recycling

Green System Compatible

The SunOne System is Green System Compatible — fully compliant with ISO Standard 7376. Our GreenLine/D blades and handles are interchangeable with one another, as well as with any other Green System laryngoscope component.

Because reprocessing requires chemical disinfection solutions that are harmful to the environment, SunMed’s single patient use blades and handles eliminate reprocessing, which in turn reduces environmental impact. Go green with the SunOne System!

Think Beyond Use with Laryngoscope Recycling

When you use disposable laryngoscopes from SunMed, you are promoting better patient care by reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Plus, you are eliminating the harmful chemicals that would normally be used for laryngoscope reprocessing. Thinking beyond use, SunMed supports the care of our environment through SunCycle, an easy and effective program to recycle disposable laryngoscope blades and handles. SunCycle is available to facilities who use SunMed single patient use laryngoscope systems.

SunCycle Recycling Program Brochure